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OEMS Software and Shared Learning Platform
We are among the leading providers of a shared learning platform to various organizations that provides members access to a vast database of knowledge. We have since evolved, leveraging industry expertise to developed customizable software for you to develop and maintain a sustainable management system. Our software platform comprises of the following modules:
· Incident Management
· Corrective Actions Management
· Audits - Management Systems, Contractors and Regulatory
· Operations Risk Management
· Shared Learning in EH&S
· Network Collaboration
Incident Management
Our comprehensive events management process provides a simple integrated process from reporting through corrective actions management and verification. Our process is supported with:
· Leading and lagging indicator trends
· Hot spots determination for targeted actions
· Dashboards for monitoring progress on all corrective actions
· Automatic generation of alert for sharing of knowledge generated
Corrective Actions Management
Most organizations do a great job of investigating events but fail to ensure corrective actions are completed and verified. We provide clients a corrective actions dashboard for the following:
· Monitoring of high priority corrective actions
· Verification of completion
· Notification of delays
· Addresses corrective actions from Events, Risk Management, Audits and Shared learnings
Audits - Management Systems, Contractors and Regulatory
Our processes facilitate the following types of audits and generates dashboards and summary reports for audits performed:
· 1st (Self-Assessments), 2nd (Peer Audits) and 3rd Party Audits
· EH&S
· Contractor
· Regulatory Compliance
Operations Risk Management
A sustainable EH&S and Process Safety Management Systems depends on an effective Operating Risk Management Process. Our process provides for:
· Easy identification of hazards and associated risk
· Links to the corporate Risk Matrix
· Identifies when PHAs and HAZOPS are required
· A Dashboard of Corrective Actions
Shared Learning in EH&S
An effective shared learning process promotes organized shared learning within the Organization, Industry and across Industries. Our process provides the following:
· Organized shared learning within the organization, industry and across industries
· Sharing of Best Practices, Alerts and Safety Moments
· A robust historical inventory of Learnings
· A Dashboard of Corrective Actions
Network Collaboration
Continuous improvements and generating best practices is the outcome of effective collaboration among Network SME Members. Our process facilitates collaboration for a geographically distributed workforce as follows:
· Controlled access to Network Members and work in progress
· Easy dissemination and implementation of Best Practices
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